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Baby Girl Scrunchies Set

Baby Girl Scrunchies Set

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Wear your hair in a ponytail but make it extra bold and chic! With Our Silk Satin Scrunchies sets are kind to your delicate hair strands and are extra cute too! Our super smooth, soft, and extra cute Silk Scrunchies are not just stylish for your hair. They are gentle on your delicate hair strands and ensure your mane stays healthy and damage free!

Our scrunchies are made of premium twill satin fabric, silky texture and shiny, comfortable, stretchable, and elastic. Silk Scrunchies can be worn all day long!  The perfect alternative to keeping your hair tidy and away, day and night, while staying fresh and drop dead gorgeous! ❤️

  • Premium Material: Made of pattern satin fabric, silky texture and shiny, soft, and comfortable to the touch
  • Large Size: Outer Diameter: Approx. 6 in/15.24 cm
  • Inner Diameter: Approx. 1.5 in/3.81 cm
  • wrap around hair 2+ times depending on hair thickness, especially for thick hair
  • Excellent Elasticity: Stretch enough, won't bend, or damage your hair, gently holds your hair securely


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