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Classy(15mm 3D Mink Lash)+Elegant (18mm 4D Mink Lash)+Boujee (22-24mm 4D Mink Lash

Join us in protecting Fur Babies – Choose Vegan, Choose Beauty with a Conscience!

Experience the Astonishing Lightness of Our Full Lashes – Introducing "Elegant" the Long-Lasting, Volume Max Mink Lashes!

Prepare to be surprised by the perfect balance of boldness and feather-light feel with our 4D mink lashes. Crafted for those who desire a voluminous look without the weight, these lashes redefine elegance and comfort.


ESANDOR's next-generation mink strip lashes with 3 different styles, bring a touch of luxury to your eyes. 

  • Variety: Available in 4 easy-to-wear styles, catering to every event, look, and ESANDOR babe.

  • Texture: Achieve a 4D, textured, and feathery look in seconds with these wispy and soft-dramatic mink lashes.

  • Application: Featuring a thin, flexible band, these lashes are easy to apply, providing comfort without a heavy feeling on the lids.

Elevate your eye game with ESANDOR's mink strip lashes – cruelty-free, comfortable, and customisable for every mood!



Step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect lash application with ESANDOR 's mink strip lashes:

  1. Careful Removal: Gently remove the lashes from the tray, ensuring not to damage the delicate fibers.

  2. Measure and Trim: Hold the lash against your natural lash line and trim if needed. The band should align with the outer and inner corners of your eyes, without extending past the natural lash line.

  3. Glue Application: Apply a thin layer of glue along the false lash band. Allow the glue to sit for about 30 seconds until it becomes tacky. This step ensures a secure and long-lasting hold. (Please note: Glue is not included)

  4. Placement: Using your fingers or tweezers, carefully place the lashes onto your upper lash line. Press them gently to secure them in place.

  5. Blend with Mascara: Apply a light coat of mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural lashes. Be mindful not to overload them with product; a subtle touch is all you need.

  6. Gentle Removal: When it's time to remove the lashes, start from the outer corner and gently peel them off towards the inner corner. For future use, remember to peel off any dried glue and store them in the lash box tray to maintain their shape.

Remember, with proper care, these lashes are reusable, providing you with endless opportunities to enhance your eye game with ESANDOR's mink strip lashes!

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